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Hey Jesus

Indigo Girls

Main Progression:


Picking Pattern (play over Em9 (2)   Dadd4/C (2)):


Chord Guide

      21  34

G:    320003

        21 34

Cadd9: x32033


D:    x00232


Em:   022000

       12 43

Em9:  022032


F:    133211

       32 1

C:    x32010

        2 1

Am7:  x02010

        13 411

F#sus4: 24x422


F#m:   244222

          2  43

Dadd4/C: x30032



Intro:  Main Progression x2


G        Cadd9      D   (Cadd9)

   Hey Jesus it’s me

G                 Cadd9       D   (Cadd9)
  I don’t usually talk to you

G               Cadd9           D                      (Cadd9)
    But my baby’s gonna leave me and there’s something you must

G        (Cadd9)       D   (Cadd9)


        Cadd9     D        Em   (Em9)
I am not your faithful servant

              Cadd9                          D                            Em   (Em9)
I hang around sometimes with a bunch of your black sheep

                  F                    C                               Am7 (2)
But if you make my baby stay, I’ll make it up to you

                   Am7    D        F#sus4  (F#m)  Em9 (2)   Dadd4/C (2)
And that’s a promise I will keep




G         Cadd9      D   (Cadd9)
    Hey Jesus it’s me

G                          Cadd9                        D   (Cadd9)
     I’m the one who talked to you yesterday

G                           Cadd9                   D  (Cadd9)
   And I asked you please please for a favor but my baby’s gone

    G    (Cadd9)                    D   (Cadd9)
away,          went away anyway


          Cadd9         D         Em   (Em9)
And I don’t really think it’s fair

                        Cadd9                 D                 Em   (Em9)
You’ve got the power to make us all believe in you
                     F        C                Am7  (D7) (hold)

And then we call you in our despair
                                  F#sus4  (F#m)  Em9 (2)   Dadd4/C (2)

And you don’t come through

G         Cadd9      D   (Cadd9)
   Hey Jesus it’s me--I’m sorry

G                   Cadd9         D   (Cadd9)
     I don’t remember all I said

G                   Cadd9      D          (Cadd9)
     I had a few, no, too many and they went straight to my

G                 Cadd9                                          D   (Cadd9)

head, and made me feel like I could argue with god


                            Cadd9      D                             Em                  (Em9)
But you know it’s easy for you--You got friends all over the world

                     Cadd9         D                Em   (Em9)
You had the whole world waiting for your birth

              F       C        Am7 (hold)           (D7) (hold)
But now I ain’t got nobody-- I don’t know what my life’s

 F#sus4  (F#m)  Em9 (2)   Dadd4/C (2)

G                        Cadd9                D   (Cadd9)
    I’m not gonna call on you any more

G                                     Cadd9             D   (Cadd9)
    I’m sure you’ve got a million things to do

G   Cadd9                     D              (Cadd9)
All          I was trying to do was to get through to

G       Cadd9             D    (Cadd9)

you, Get through to you


                         Cadd9    D                     Em   (Em9)
Because when I die and I get up to your doors

                     Cadd9                     D           Em   (Em9)
I don’t even know if you’re gonna let me in the place

          F                C                                Am7       (D7) (hold)
How come I gotta die to get a chance to talk to you

            F#sus4  (F#m)  Em9 (2)   Dadd4/C (2)
face to face?


End on G

This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.