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Romeo and Juliet

By Dire Straits

Performed by Indigo Girls

Capo 2


Am* = Am  Asus2  Am  Asus4  Am  Asus2  Am


Use folk strum for most of song:

D   D U   U D U
1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +

During intro and similar parts, use this:


C           C/B


1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +




1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +


Intro:  / C - - C/B / Am* - - - / (prog. X2)


C (hold)                   C/B

a love struck romeo

Am (hold)
sings the streets a serenade

            C (hold)                        C/B
now he's laying everybody low

Am (hold)
he's got a love song that he made

he finds a streetlight and he steps out of the shade
and says something like

Fmaj7/A               F9/A       G
"you and me, babe, how about it?"

C                                       C/B
juliet says "hey, it's romeo!"

"you nearly give me a heart attack!"

              C                                         C/B
yeah well, he's underneath the window

now she's singing "hey-la, my boyfriend's back"


"you shouldn't come around here  singing up at people like that
Fmaj7/A     F9/A                         G

ah anyway, whatcha gonna do about it?"

C     G

juliet, the dice were

Fmaj7/A              F9/A                        
loaded from the start

           C     G
and i bet and you


      Fmaj7/A            F9/A                        

exploded into my heart

          C              C/B
and i forget, i forget


the movie song

when you gonna realize

it was just that the time was wrong
C   C/B  Am



/ C - - C/B / Am* - - - /

C (hold)                                          C/B
we both come up on different streets

Am (hold)
and they both were streets of shame

C (hold)                                          C/B
you know they're both dirty both mean

Am (hold)
yes and the dreams were the same

and i dreamed your dream for youand now your dream is real so tell me honey
Fmaj7/A               F9/A                       G

now how can you look at me as if i was just another one of your deals

                    C                              C/B
now you can fall for chains of silver

and you can fall for chains of gold

                C                                    C/B
you know you fall for pretty strangers

and the promises they hold

G                                              G (hold)
well you promised me everything and then you promised me thick and thin
                      Fmaj7/A (hold)

now you just turn away and say "romeo? i think i




used to have a scene with him."

      C    C/B
ah juliet

                        Fmaj7/A             F9/A                      
when we made love you used to cry

              C                           C/B
you said "i love you like the stars above

           Fmaj7/A          F9/A                      
gonna love you till i die"

               C              C/B
there's a place for us

i you know this song

G                                                                                  Fmaj7/A
now when you gonna realize it was just that the time was wrong
C              C/B       Am

Julie, I’m so in love


C              C/B       Am

C (hold)                    C/B
but i can't do the talk

Am (hold)

like they talk on my tv screen

C (hold)                  C/B
i can't do a love song


not the way you sung them to me

i can't do everything but i would do anything for you
Fmaj7/A   F9/A            G    

i can't do anything except be in love with you

                C                        C/B
yeah now all i do is miss you

and the way it used to be you know

C                                       C/B
and all i do is keep the beat

Am (hold)
i keep bad, bad company

and all i do is kiss you through the bars of this rhyme
               Fmaj7/A   F9/A                       

when julie i'd do the stars with you


      C     G
ah juliet when we made

Fmaj7/A              F9/A                      

love you used to cry

             C                            G
you said "i love you like the stars above

                Fmaj7/A         F9/A                      
i'm gonna love you till i die"

                C             C/B
there's a place for us

i know you know the movie song

G                                                                                  Fmaj7/A
one day we're gonna realize it was just that the time was wrong
C     C/B   Am

Julie,        julie
C    C/B   Am*


C (hold)                       C/B
now this love struck romeo

Am (hold)
he sings the streets a serenade

               C (hold)                 C/B
now he's laying everybody low

Am (hold
he's got a love song he made

G (hold)                                                G (hold)
he finds a convenient streetlight and he'll step out of the shade
and he'll say something like

"you and me, babe, how 'bout it?

This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.