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Brown-Eyed Handsome Man

as performed by Waylon Jennings


Chord Guide


D:    xx0232

      3    4

G:    3x0003


A:   x02220

       32 1

C:    x32010


        D   D U   U D U

Strum:  1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +


D (4)

Flying across the desert in a TWA


I saw a woman walking across the sand

                    D                               G  

She been a-walkin' thirty miles en route to L.A.

                A                                     D 

To get a brown-eyed handsome man

                                     C                                   D (2)

Her destination was a brown-eyed handsome man


D (4)

Milo Venus was a beautiful lass


She had the world in the palm of her hand

              D                                  G 

But she lost both her arms in a wrestling match

                 A                                   D

To get a brown eyed handsome man

                                              C                                       D (2)

She fought and won herself a brown-eyed handsome man



 G (4)

Way back in history three thousand years

        C                                      D

Back ever since the world began

                           D                               G

There's been a whole lot of good women shed a tear

             A                                      D

For a brown-eyed handsome man

                                             C                                    D (2)

That's what the trouble was brown eyed handsome man


D (4)

Beautiful daughter couldn't make up her mind


Between a doctor and a lawyer man

         D                                    G

Her mother told her daughter go out and find yourself

       A                                  D    

A brown-eyed handsome man

                                      C                                      D (2)

Just like your daddy is a brown-eyed handsome man


D (4)

Arrested on charges of unemployment


He was sitting in the witness stand

       D                                     G 

The judge's wife called up the district attorney

                  A                                   D

Said you free that brown-eyed man

                                             C                                   D (2)

You want your job you better free that brown-eyed man




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