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Take Me Home, Country Roads

John Denver


Strum:  B   D   D U D U

        1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +


Chord Guide

      3    4

G:    3x0003


Em:   022000


D:    xx0232

       32 1

C:    x32010


F:    133211


D7:   xx0212


G (2)               Em (2)

Almost heaven, West Virginia

D (2)                              C               G
Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River

G (2)                   Em (2)
Life is old there, older than the trees

D (2)                                      C                    G
Younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze


            G (2)                   D (2)
Country roads, take me home

          Em (2)        C (2)
To the place, I belong

         G (2)                      D (2)
West Virginia, mountain momma

              C (2)                  G (2)
Take me home, country roads


G (2)                Em (2)
All my mem'ries, gather 'round her

D (2)               C                     G
Miner's lady, stranger to blue water

G (2)                  Em (2)
Dark and dusty, painted on the sky

D (2)                                  C                     G
Misty taste of moonshine, teardrops in my eyes



Em           D                  G (2)
I hear her voice, in the mornin' hours she calls to me

       C           G                   D (2)
The radio reminds me of my home far a-way

       Em                     F                C                 G
And drivin' down the road I get a feeling that I should have been home

D (2)                   D7 (2)

yesterday, yesterday


This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.