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Branching Out - Capo 4
John Gorka
Chord Guide
      3 2 1
C/G:  3x2010
F:    xx3211
      3    4
G:    3x0003
       32 1
C:    x32010
       3   14
Gsus4: 3x0013
        2 1
C/E:  xx2010
Dm7:  xx0211
       2  1
C/B:  x2x010
        2 1
Am7:  x02010
       1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +
Intro: / C/G - - - / F - - - / C/G - - - / G - - - / C - - - /
When I grow up I want to be a tree
Want to make my home with the birds and the bees
And the squirrels, they can count on me
     G                                    Gsus4
When I grow up to be a tree
I'll let my joints get stiff, put my feet in the ground
Take the winters off and settle down
Keep my clothes till they turn brown
         G                                 Gsus4
When I grow up, I'm gonna settle down
                  C/G                   F
I'm gonna reach, I'm gonna reach
                  C/G                      G
I'm gonna reach, reach for the sky
                  C/G                   F
I'm gonna reach, I'm gonna reach
                   C/G                   G       Gsus4
I'm gonna reach, ‘til I know why
When the spring comes by I'm gonna get real green
If the dogs come by I'm gonna get real mean
On windy days, I'll bend and lean
         G                                                  Gsus4
When I grow up I'm gonna get real green
F                       / F C/E Dm7 - /         C (½)         C/B (½)   Am7 (½)   C/G (½)
If I should fall in storm or    slumber,  Please don't turn me   into         lumber
F                       / F C/E Dm7 - /   G                             Gsus4 
I'd rather be a Louisville slug-ger    Swinging for the seats
Chorus, replace last line with this:
                  C/G                   G (hold)                    F (hold)     
I'm gonna reach, ‘til I know why         ‘til I know why

End on C

This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.