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Between a Laugh and a Tear

John Mellencamp


Capo 2


Intro Riff x3

Tacet 1 measure


G                                      D

When paradise is no longer fit for you to live in

            Bm                A
And your adolescent dreams are gone

    G                                   D
Through the days you feel a little used up

             Bm                             A
And you don’t know where your energy’s gone wrong

     G                               D
It’s just your soul feelin’ a little downhearted

Bm                             A
Sometimes life is too ridiculous to live

        G                       D
You count your friends all on one finger

     Bm                                      A                    Asus2
I know it sounds crazy just the way that we live


                 Dsus2/G     Dsus2
Between a laugh and a tear

    Dsus2/B                 Asus4
Smile in the mirror as you walk by

                 Dsus2/G     Dsus2
Between a laugh and a tear

And that’s as good as it can get for us

               Asus4                         G
And there ain’t no reason to stop tryin’


Repeat Intro

                 G                                D
When this cardboard town can no longer amuse you

         Bm                                                A
You see through everything and nothin’ seems worthwhile

        G                                      D
And hypocrite used to be such a big word to you

            Bm                                     A
And it don’t seem to mean anything to you now

        G                                  D
Just try to live each and every precious moment

              Bm                                 A
Don’t be discouraged by the future forget the past

          G                         D
That’s old advise but it’ll be good to you

     Bm                                       Asus2 (x2)
I know there’s a balance see it when I swing past



Intro Riff x4



Intro Riff x4

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