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    Donald And Lydia

    John Prine

    Strum: B   D   D U   w/swing feel

           1 + 2 + 3 +


    Chord Guide

           32 1

    C:    x32010


    F:    133211


    D7:   xx0212

          3    1

    G7:   3x0001


    C7:   x32310


    C (2)                               F            C (3)

    Small town bright lights Saturday night,

                                         D7            G7 (2)

    Pin balls and pool halls flashing their lights

                  C (2)                                    F           C (3)

    Making change behind a counter in a penny arcade, 

                                             G7               C (4)

    Sat the fat girl daughter of Virginia and Ray


    (spoken) Lydia


      C (2)               F              C (3)                          

    Lydia hid her thoughts like a cat,

                                              D7            G7 (2)

    behind her small eyes sunk deep in her fat

                      C (2)                       F           C (3)

    She read a romance magazine up in her room 

                                                 G7               C    G7

    And felt just like Sunday on Saturday afternoon



              F (2)                       C (2)               G7 (2)                     C      C7

    But dreaming just comes natural like the first breath from a baby

            F (2)                   C (2)                  G7 (2)                              C (4)

    Like sunshine feeding daisies, Like the love hidden deep in your heart


       C (2)                               F            C (3)

    Bunk beds, shaved heads Saturday night

                                                   D7            G7 (2)

    A warehouse of strangers with sixty-watt lights

      C (2)                                        F            C (3)  

    Staring though the ceiling just wanting to be,

                                         G7        C (4)

    lay a one of too many a young PFC



    (spoken) Donald


                         C (2)                                        F            C (3)

    There were spaces between Donald and whatever he said

                                               D7            G7 (2)

    Strangers had forced him to live in his head

               C (2)                           F           C (3)

    He envisioned the details of romantic scenes after

                                                   G7            C    G7

    midnight in the stillness of the barrack's latrine




    C (2)                         F            C (3)

    Hot love, cold love, no love at all,

                                   D7             G7 (2)

    a portrait of guilt is hung on the wall

      C (2)                      F           C (3)

    Nothing is wrong, nothing is right,

                                G7                  C (4)

    Donald and Lydia made love that night


    (spoken) Love


                      C (2)                                             F                  C (3)

    They made love in the mountains, they made love in the streams

                                                                    D7                 G7 (2)

    They made love in the valleys, they made love in their dreams

             C (2)                                               F             C (3)

    But when they were finished, there was nothing to say

                                                           G7            C    G7

    'Cause mostly they made love from ten miles away


    Chorus (hold last C chord)

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