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    Dumb Love

    Sean Kingston


    Chord Guide

           32 1

    C:    x32010


    Am:  x02210


    Dm:   xx0231

          3    4

    G:    3x0003


    Em:   022000


    F:    133211      




            D   X U   U X U

    Strum:  1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +    X = Scratch Strum



                                 C (½)                 Am (½)

    Girl, you make me dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb,

     Dm (½)    G (½)

    dumb,     dumb-be-doo-be

     C (½)              Am (½)

    dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb,

       Dm (½)    G (½)

    dumb,     I love you so

    C (½)               Am (½)

    dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb,

    Dm (½)     G (½)

    dumb,    dumb-be-doo-be

      C (½)         Dm (½)        C

    dumb       Wh-wh-wh-why



    You tell me that you're leaving


    but then you wanna leave me

            Dm                                     G     

    and never make your way to the door


    I tell you that you're too much


    and then I'll miss you too much

             Dm                                          G     

    don't even know what we're fighting for


    You key my car girl


    and then you go get it fixed


    I talk to all them other chicks


    just to make you jealous




    How can we make it right


    when we both put up a fit


    You make me so mad


    it's kind of hard to forgive

                      Em                  Am             

    but when I look into your pretty eyes

    F                           G (1 hold)

        my heart just drops





    You always talkin’ reckless


    sendin’ a text message

      Dm                                       G

    telling me to pack and get goin’


    and then I get to call a minute


    you soundin’ so innocent

      Dm                                        G

    singing that you can't sleep alone

                 C                                     Am

    I go find every receipt to show how you spend my dough

                       Dm                                          G                   

    You wanna go and sell my room and burn up all my clothes







    Em            Am                      Dm             G

       Callin’ it quits just ain't what we workin’ for

                   Em                   Am             F                       G

    i'd rather love you then to hate you girl, I want you to know

      C              Am           Dm           G

    You’re my, you’re my, you’re my shawty

      C              Am           Dm           G (hold)

    You’re my, you’re my, you’re my shawty


    Chorus x2


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