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    Loving Arms

    Kris Kristofferson, Rita Coolidge   (up 3  G, C, D, Em)


    Intro:  / G - - - / C – D - / x2


                       G (2)

    If you could see me now

    C (1)            D (1)             G (2)

         One who said that he’d rather roam

    C (1)            D (1)                G (2)

         One who said he’d rather be alone

    C (2)                D (1)            G (2)

         If you could only see me now.                 


                       G (2)

    If I could hold you now (hold you now)  

    C (1)               D (1)                  G (2)

          Just for a moment, if I could make you mine    

    C (1)                D (1)                    G (2)

          Just for a while, turn back the hands of time

    C (2)               D (1)            G (2)

           If I could only hold you now.                         


                            C (1)               D (1)

    I’ve been too long in the wind

              G (1)               C (1)

    Too long in the rain            

    Am (1)       D (1)             G (1)  G7(1)                      

    Takin’ any comfort that I can

       C (1)               D (1)

    Lookin’ back and longin’ for

            G (1)               C (1)   

    The freedom of my chains    

             Am (1)      D (1)           G (2)                        

    And lying in your loving arms again.              


                       G (2)

    If you could here me now (hear me now)

    C (1)          D (1)                            G (2)

         Singing somewhere through the lonely night     

    C (1)            D (1)                   G (2)      

          Dreaming of the arms that held me tight

    C (1)                  D (1)             G (2)      

          If you could only hear me now                        



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