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Lucinda Williams


Strum: D   D U   U D U

       1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +


Chord Guide

      3    4

G:    3x0003


Em:   022000

       32 1

C:    x32010


Bm:   x24432


Am:   x02210


D:    xx0232



Intro: / G - - - / Em - - - / C - - - / - - - - / x2


G             Em                 C (2)

   Go find a jukebox and see what a quarter will do 

G                     Em                  C (2)

   I don't wanna talk I just wanna go back to blue  

G                           Em              C (2)

   Feed's me when I'm hungry and quenches my thirst 

G                         Em               C (2)

   Loves me when I'm lonely and thinks of me first  



G (2)                     Bm (2)

Blue is the color of night when the red

 Am (2)                                  G   D

sun disappears from the sky

  G (2)                               Bm (2)

Raven feathers shiny and black

Am (2)                                                           G   D

A touch of blue glistening down her back


G (2)


G                         Em                          C (2)

We don't talk about heaven and we don't talk about hell

G             Em                          C (2)

We come to depend on one another so damn well

G              Em      C (2)

So go to confession whatever gets you through

G                        Em          C (2)

You can count your blessings I'll just count on blue  




  G (hold)


This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.