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    Christmas Morning

    Lyle Lovett


    Intro:  A – D A / A – E - / A – D A / A – E A


          A                                  D                       A

    The girl at the grocery she's pretty and seems nice

          A                                             E
    But she looks right through me with eyes cold as ice

    A                                   D            A
    She never answers when I ask her name

    A                                E                 A
    She only says I should have a great day


          D                             A

    But hey what could she mean by that

          E                             A       G   D     E
    Perhaps I'm the fool she takes me for

                        A (4 measures)
    Not anything more

          A                                  D              A

    I guess it's the season the time of the year

                A                                    E
    When people they're happy and full of good cheer

                      A                                       D            A
    Well they'll wish you and kiss you and wish you again

                      A                                        E             A
    And they'll tell you it's peace and good will to all men



             D                             A
    But hey what could they mean by that

          E                                A     G   D     E
    Perhaps I'm the fool they take me for

                          A (4 measures)
    Not anything more


          A                                D                A
    We stood at the altar and you held my hand

                A                                    E
    And everyone watched as the preacher he asked

                   A                                     D               A
    Will you take him and love him for bad and for good

                      A                                        E             A
    You looked at me then you told him you would



             D                        A
    But hey what did you mean by that

          E                               A     G   D     E
    Perhaps I'm the fool you take me for

                          A (4 measures)
    Not anything more

            A                                     D              A
    Now each Christmas morning I sit in my chair

                    A                                E
    And I look up at the angels that float through the air

                A                                      D              A
    Some look down upon me, some come to my side

                    A                                E           A
    And they tell me that Jesus he said to say hi

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