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    Simple Man

    Lynyrd Skynyrd


    Each chord gets two beats unless otherwise noted.


    Half-measure strum:


    D d D DU

    1 + 2 +

    Full-measure strum:


    D d D DU UD D DU

    1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +



    Intro: / C - G - / Am - - - / x4


                C       G            Am (1)

    Well  Mama told me   when I was young

                C      G        Am (1)

    Come sit beside me   my only son

                 C      G            Am (1)

    And listen closely    to what I say

                C              G               Am (1)

    And if you do this  it'll help you  some sunny day


    / C - G - / Am - - - / x2


                   C    G            Am (1)

    Oh  take your time   don't live too fast

                   C    G              Am (1)

    Troubles will come   and they will pass

               C    G                 Am (1)

    Go find a woman  and you'll find love

                  C                 G      Am (1)

    And don't forget son  there is someone up above



              C    G          Am (1)

    And be a simple  kind of man

            C         G                    Am (1)

    Oh  be something   you love and understand

                C     G          Am (1)

    Baby  be a simple   kind of man

                   C              G           Am (1)

    Oh  won't you do this for me son  if you can?


    / C - G - / Am - - - /


                 C   G                 Am (1)

    Forget your lust   for rich man's gold

                  C   G             Am (1)

    All that you need   is in your soul

                 C           G              Am (1)

    And you can do this  oh baby   if you try

                C               G                  Am (1)

    All that I want for you my son  is to be satisfied





    Solo:  / C - G - / Am - - - / x5


    / C - G - / Am - - - / x2


                    C    G                  Am (1)

    Boy  don't you worry   you'll find yourself

                 C    G             Am (1)

    Follow your heart   and nothing else

             C            G              Am (1)

    You can do this   oh baby   if you try

                C               G           Am (1)

    All that I want for you my son  is to be satisfied


    Chorus x2


    End on last Am

    This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.