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The Lazy Song

Bruno Mars


Capo 4

Each chord gets 2 beats unless otherwise noted.


Chord Guide

      3    4

G:    3x0003


D:    xx0232

       32 1

C:    x32010


Bm:   x24432


Am:   x02210


Em:   022000




Strumming Guide:

The recorded version of this song is played fingerstyle (without a pick), like so:







-X-------X-------   <-- These bass notes change strings depending on the

 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +        chord.


But you can also strum it like this:


Strum: D U X U D U X U     X = Scratch strum

       1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +





G                  D                  C (1)

Today I don't feel like doing anything

G                   D            C (1)

I just wanna lay in my bed

            G                  D

Don't feel like picking up my phone

     C (1)

So leave a message at the tone

                G                    Bm         C (1)

‘Cause today I swear I'm not doing anything


                       G                           D

Uh, I'm gonna kick my feet up and stare at the fan

C (1)

Turn the TV on, Throw my hand in my pants

G                       Bm         C (1)   

Nobody's gonna tell me I can't, nah


G                                          D

I'll be lying on the couch just chillin’ in my snuggie

C (1)

Click to MTV so they can teach me how to dougie

G                          D                     C (1)

‘Cause in my castle I'm the freakin’ man



             Am          Bm

Oh Oh, yes I said it,      I said it

     C                   D (hold)          

I said it ‘cause I can




Nothing at all

G           D

Ooh hoo ooh hoo

C (1)

Hoo ooh ooh, Nothing at all

G       D

Ooh hoo ooh hoo

C (1)

Hoo ooh ooh


                G                              D

Tomorrow I wake up, do some P90X

             C (1)

Meet a really nice girl, have some really nice sex

     G                          D                   C (1)

And she's gonna scream out, "this is great"

     G                                          D

I might mess around and get my college degree

  C (1)

I bet my old man will be so proud of me

        G                   Bm             C (1)

I'm sorry pops you just have to wait







         Am                         D

No I ain't gonna comb my hair

             Em (1)

Cause I ain't going anywhere

Am                   D           Em (1)

No no no no no no no no nooo

             Am                       D

I'll just strut in my birthday suit

            Em (1)

And let everything hang loose

Am                            D                              Em (1)

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeahhh




Nothing at all

G            D

Ooh hoo ooh hoo

C (1)

Hoo ooh ooh, Nothing at all

G            D

Ooh hoo ooh hoo

C (1)

Hoo ooh ooh

                G (hold)

Nothing at all

This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.