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    Be Yourself (1971 demo version)

    Graham Nash


    All chords played for two measures unless otherwise noted.

    Guitar tuned down a whole step in original recording.

    Whenever moving to C/G, hammer-on the 2nd and 4th strings on the "and of 1".


    Chord Guide

          3    4

    G:    3x0003

          3 2 14

    C/G:  3x2013


    D:    xx0232


    F:    133211


    Em:   022000


    A:   x02220


    Dsus4:  xx0233


    Dsus2:  xx0230


    Am:  x02210






            D   D U D U    > = accent

    Strum:  1 + 2 + 3 +



    Intro:  / G - - / C/G - - / x6


    G                                       D

    How does it feel when life doesn't seem real

                       F                            G (1)        C/G (1)

    And you're floating about on your own

     G                                 D

    Life seems uncertain, so you draw the curtain

          F                                         G

    Pretending there's nobody home

                    D                     F

    Don't theorize, look in your eyes

                            G                          Em

    They can't tell lies, though you disguise what you see

    A                  D (1)    Dsus4 (1)   D (1)   Dsus2 (1)

       Your reality


             G                           D

    We needed a savior and by our behavior

           F                                            G (1)     C/G (1)   G (1)     C/G (1)

    The ones that were worth it are gone

           G                                    D

    But songbirds are talking and runners are walking

          F                                   G

    A prodigal son's coming home

                    D                    F

    Don't theorize, look in his eyes

                                 G                     Em

    and they won't tell lies, but if he defies what you see

    A                      D (1)    Dsus4 (1)   D (1)   Dsus2 (1)

        Here is a key



    G          Am

    Be yourself, why don't you

      D (1)    Dsus4 (1)   D (1)   Dsus2 (1)

    Be        your     -    self,     c'mon and

    G          Am

    Be yourself, why don't you

    D (1)    Dsus4 (1)   D (1)   Dsus2 (1)



            G                           D

    He needed a tutor, so built a computer

              F                                    G (1)        C/G (1)      G (1)        C/G (1)

    And programmed himself not to see

             G                                 D

    The truth and the lying, the dead or the dying

              F                          G

    There is only one way to be

                        D                          F

    So don't theorize, look in his eyes

                            G                                 Em

    Are they telling lies, the ones that you see on T.V.?

    A                                 D (1)    Dsus4 (1)   D (1)   Dsus2 (1)

         So you want to be free?


    Outro Chorus:

    G          Am

    Be yourself, why don't you

      D (1)    Dsus4 (1)   D (1)   Dsus2 (1)

    Be        your     -    self,     c'mon and

    G          Am

    Be yourself, why don't you

    D (1)    Dsus4 (1)   D (1)   Dsus2 (1)

    Be        your     -    self, 


    Repeat Outro Chorus


    End on G




    This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.