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    Come Away With Me

    Norah Jones

    C:        x32010

    Am7:    x02010

    Em:      022000

    F:         133211

    G:        320033



    C     Am7                C     Am7

    Come away with me in the night

    C     Am7

    Come away with me

                    Em    F         C    G

    And I will write you a song


    C          Am7                   C    Am7

    Come away with me on a bus

    C         Am7                         Em      F

    Come away where they can't tempt us

             C (x2)

    With their lies



    G               F             

    I want to walk with you

    C (x2)                                

    On a cloudy day

    G                             F                           C

    In fields where the yellow grass grows knee-high

    G                              C

    So won't you try to come


    C         Am7                              C 

    Come away with me and we'll kiss


    On a mountaintop

    C        Am7

    Come away with me

          Em           F               C

    And I'll never stop loving you


    Instrumental Verse (x2)


    G                     F                       C

    And I want to wake up with the rain


    Falling on a tin roof

    G               F                          C

    While I'm safe there in your arms

                 G           C

    So all I ask is for you

                Am7                          C     Am7

    To come away with me in the night

    C    G          C

    Come away with me

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