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A Mad Mission

Patty Griffin


Note:  Original song is Capo  8 using chord shapes in the key of D.  Big-fingered folk may find this hard to play.  The following is in the same key as the original song but is Capo 3 using chord shapes in the key of G.


Strum w/      D U X U   U D U

Swing feel:   1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +


Intro:  Cadd9  G  (x4)


             Cadd9               G

We were drinking like the Irish

     Cadd9                    G
But we were drinking scotch

      Cadd9                     G
Bartender turns on a movie

      Am                      D
Everybody turned to watch

               Cadd9               G
And every single eye was gleaming

And he reached the final scene

Cadd9             G
Well, at least mine did

           Cadd9             G   
Here's lookin' at you, kid


         Cadd9  G
It's a mad mission

         Cadd9           G
Under difficult conditions

Cadd9             G
Not everybody makes it

Am               D
To the loving cup

          Cadd9  G
It's a mad mission

        Cadd9       G
But i got the ambition

Cadd9         G
Mad, mad mission

Cadd9    G
Sign me up


Cadd9  G  (x4)

                  Cadd9             G
I think i've seen the look before

           Cadd9                G
Yes it's kind of non-commital

            Cadd9             G
It says come hither, baby, but then he's

Am                    D

hard wood to whittle

Cadd9                           G
It says it don't mean a thing,


but still, somehow it does

                         Cadd9             G       
He'd like you to join the club he likes to say

           Cadd9                      G

There's no such thing as love



Cadd9  G  (x8)

         Cadd9                   G
Sometimes you find yourself

Cadd9           G
Flying low at night

Cadd9                G
Flying blind and looking for

Am (hold)   D (hold)
Any sign of light

           Cadd9 (hold)                     
You're cold and scared, and all alone

             Am (hold)
You'd do anything just to make it home

Cadd9  G  (x2)


Cadd9  G  (x3)


Cadd9   G

Sign me up


Cadd9  G  (x4)

This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.