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Storm in a Teacup

Red Hot Chili Peppers


Chord Guide


C5:   x355xx


Bb5:  x133xx


F5:   133xxx


G5:   355xxx


D5:   x577xx

       13 4

F5:   x81010xx

(high voicing)




              ∆      ∆

Chorus Strum: D d D DU UD D DU    ∆ = Change Chord

              1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +



Intro:  Main Riff x8


w/Main Riff:

Come on come on baby

Let me show you what I'm talkin' about

You try to be a lady

But you're walkin' like a sour kraut

Looka looka lika lika

Like you wanna get some

If you never tell a lie

Then you never have to play dumb


Prechorus (w/High Riff):

Dirty baby time you're gonna take some

Pretty baby love you're gonna make some

Little lady hearts you're gonna break some

Kinda shady tears you're gonna fake some

Dirty baby we've got a situation

Pretty baby open invitation

Little lady what a reputation

Kinda shady now you're gonna make again



C5         Bb5            F5            G5

    I know you can straddle the atmosphere

C5           Bb5            F5       G5

   A tiny storm in your teacup girl

C5     Bb5             F5            G5

    I know you can battle the masses, dear

C5           Bb5              D5 (1½)     F5 (½ high voicing)

   A tiny storm in your teacup girl


/ G5 F5 G5 F5 / G5 F5 G5 F5 / G5 F5 G5 F5 / G5 (hold) - - - /


Main Riff x4



w/Main Riff:

Every other day you say

You're gonna have to bury em'

Famous last words

Spoken from the laserium

Descendents had a record

Sayin' somethin' 'bout Milo

You can take an A-train

But you're gonna have to lie low




/ G5 F5 G5 F5 / G5 F5 G5 F5 / G5 F5 G5 F5 / G5 (hold) - - - /


Bridge (w/main riff):

/ G - - - / F - - - / Dm - - - / C - - - / x2






/ G5 F5 G5 F5 / G5 F5 G5 F5 / G5 F5 G5 F5 / G5 F5 G5 F5 /


End on G5





Main Riff:


High Riff:

This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.