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    With Arms Outstretched  

    Rilo Kiley


    Each chord gets two measures unless otherwise noted.


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    Intro: / E - - - / x4


          E                     F#m

    It's sixteen miles to the promised land

            A (1)          B (1)          E

    And I promise you I'm doing the best I can

               E                                  F#m

    Now don't fool yourself   in thinking you're more than a man

                   A (1)  B (1)   E

    Cause you'll probably end up dead


       E                              F#m

    I visit these    mountains with frequency

            A (1)            B (1)    E

    And I stand here with my arms up



         F#m (1)          B (1)           E

    Now some days   they last longer than others

          F#m (1)        B (1)            E

    But this day by the lake went too fast

                F#m (1)      B (1)          C#m (1)     E (1)

    And if you want me, you better speak up I won't wait

            A (1)    B (1)      E

    So you better   move   fast


           E                                  F#m

    Don't fool yourself   In thinking you're more than you are

              A (1)               B (1)    E

    With your arms outstretched to me


              E                     F#m

    Now it's sixteen miles to the promised land

            A (1)          B (1)          E

    And I promise you I'm doing the best I can


    Chorus x2, end on last E

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