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Robbie Fulks

This is a simplified version of the song that I created for a 5-year-old student. It's played on just the 6th string. Instead of chord names, only the 6th string fret number is provided.

Playing a bass line on the 6th string is the easiest way to play a song on guitar--perfect for total beginners or kids who want to sing and play at the same time.


0                                 7

Who's the feller by the jungle gym?

7                         0
All the children in town love him.

0                                     5
He can pull a pigeon or a root beer float

5                                     7
Out from his camel's hair overcoat.


0                                 7
He's kinda cranky and he coughs real loud,

7                         0
But that's no matter to the pint-sized crowd.

0                        / 5       -      6      - /
He's their hero because they know

7                                 0                                                   /  7  5  4  2  /
He just loves to do his magic show!   (And what's his name?)


Chorus 1:

   0               0                          0                                0
Godfrey, the sickly unemployed amateur children's magician,

7                 7                      0          7
    He's got wonders up his sleeve.
0                  0                         0                                0
Godfrey, the sickly unemployed amateur children's magician,

7              7                   0          7
    If you'll only make-believe.


0                                 7

He's got pigeons in his trouser seat.

7                         0
Is that a trick or luncheon meat?

0                                     5
Just say no to that root bear float!

5                                     7
It's made of stuff from inside his throat.


0                                 7
He can eat food outta garbage cans.

7                               0
Wiggle his scars in a cha-cha dance.

0                                    5
Cut a bug in half turn his eyelids out.

7                                            0
Tell you things you shouldn't know about.  (And what's his name?)




Chorus 2:
   0               0                          0                                0
Godfrey, the sickly unemployed amateur children's magician,
7                   7                      0          7

   He's got tricks you haven't seen.
   0               0                          0                                0
Godfrey, the sickly unemployed amateur children's magician,

7              7                     0          7

    Never made it look routine.


0                                 7

One sad day when the kids came 'round

 7                              0
Godfrey wasn't at the old playground.

  0                                5
Searched behind every bench and tree,

5                                       7
Where could the cut-rate Kreskin be?


0                                  7
Then in homeroom the very next day

7                                           0
Came this message on the school P.A.:


[Begin spoken word]
Excuse me, students and faculty. Couple of announcements here this morning. Godfrey, the sickly unemployed amateur magician, will no longer be available at recess. The authorities have led me to believe that he's been incarcerated up in Belleville for a number of months. So he'll no longer be by the jungle gym. From now on we shouldn't mention him.
[End spoken word]


       0 (hold)                             7 (hold)

But if you know the secret of make-believe

7 (hold)                      0 (hold)
Godfrey never really has to leave.

0 (hold)                    5 (hold)
He's wherever little kids may be,

    5 (hold)                               7 (hold)
Though he's in a strait jacket technically.


            0                                 7
But as long as rodents roam across the land,

      7                                  0
As long as children have a mucous gland,

       0                          5              
As long as body fluids gurgle and flow,

7                          0
Anyone can do a magic show!  (What's his name?)

Repeat Chorus 1


This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.