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Roseville Fair   -   Capo 6

Bill Staines

Chord Guide

      3    4

G:    3x0003

       32 1

C:    x32010


Am:   x02210


D7:   xx0212

       2  1

C/B:  x2x010



Intro:  / G - - - / x4


                            G (1½)           C (½)            G (2)

Oh the night was clear and the stars were shining

                              Am (1)  D7 (1)                            G (2)          

And the moon came up              so quiet in the sky

                                    G (1½)                C (½)            G (2)

All the people gathered 'round, and the band was a-tuning

                         Am (1)  D7 (1)                                                      G (2)          

I can hear them now            playing "Coming Through the Rye"


                              G (1½)               C (½)         G (2)

You were dressed in blue, and you looked so lovely

                    Am (1)  D7 (1)                            G (2)          

Just a gentle flower         of a small-town girl

                      G (1½)            C (½)                     G (2)

You took my hand, and we stepped to the music

                     Am (1)  D7 (1)                                     G (2)          

With a single smile,              you became my world



                           C (½)      G (1)           C (½)                    G (1)   D7 (1)

And we danced all ni   -   ght to the fiddle and the banj  -  o

                     C (½)  C/B (½)  Am (1)                            G (2)

Their drifting tune                    seemed to fill the air

               C (½)    G (1)          C (½)    G (1)     D7 (1)

So long ag    -    o, but I still rememb  -  er

                        C (½)  C/B (½)  Am (1)                              G (2)

When we fell in love                       at the Roseville Fair


                            G (1½)         C (½)       G (2)

Now we courted well, and we courted dearly

                            Am (1)          D7 (1)              G (2)           

And we'd rock for hours, on the front-porch chair

                           G (1½)          C (½)              G (2)

Then a year went by, from the time that I met you

                         Am (1)  D7 (1)                                   G (2)           

And I made you mine,              at the Roseville Fair




                              G (1½)  C (½)      G (2)

Well the years went by, to fast to count them

                                  Am (1)  D7 (1)                             G (2)          

Now there's streaks of gray          in your auburn hair

                            G (1½)            C (½)                G (2)

But you're dearer now than the night when I met you

                     Am (1)  D7 (1)                            G (2)          

And we fell in love          at the Roseville Fair


Chorus 2:

                  C (½)   G (1)       C (½)         G (1)      D7 (1)

So here's a so   -   ng, for all of the love -  rs

                     C (½)  C/B (½)  Am (1)                            G (2)

And here's a tune,                      that they can share

                              C (½)      G (1)           C (½)                    G (1)   D7 (1)

May they dance all ni   -   ght to the fiddle and the banj  -  o

                    C (½)  C/B (½)  Am (1)                              G (2)

The way we did,                       at the Roseville Fair


Repeat last two lines of last verse to end

This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.

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