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Let it Rock

Kevin Rudolf


This is the PG version of the song (including a clean version of Lil’ Wayne’s 2nd rap) using power chords.


Chord Guide


F:    133xxx


G:    355xxx


D:    x577xx


Bb:   x133xx


Strum: D D D D D D D D

       1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +


Intro: / F - G - / D - - - /

            / Bb - G - / D - - - /


                    F      G       D (1)

I see your dirty face hide behind your collar

              F        G     D (1)

What is done in vain, truth is hard to swallow

              Bb     G        D (1)

So you pray to God to justify the way you live a

Bb              G           D (1)

lie , Live a lie, live a lie


              F     G    D (1)

And you take your time

              F     G   D (1)

And you do your crime

                Bb   G    D (1)

Well you made your bed

            Bb   G    D (1)

I made mine!



                    F     G    D (1)

Because when I arrive, I-I'll bring the fire

                 F       G  D (1)

Make you come alive, I can take you higher

              Bb     G    D (1)

What this is, forgot? I must now remind you

        Bb            G             D (1)

Let it rock, let it rock, let it rock


               F          G      D (1)

Now the son's disgraced, he who knew his father

               F            G       D (1)

When he cursed his name turned and chased the dollar

          Bb         G               D (1)                       

But it broke his heart so he stuck his middle finger to the

  Bb                   G                D (1)

world, To the world, to the world


             F     G    D (1)

And you take your time

               F   G   D (1)

And you stand in line

                   Bb    G       D (1)

Where you'll get what's yours

          Bb   G   D (1)

I got mine!


Chorus x2


              F             G             D (1)

Just let it rock, let it rock, let it rock

          F      G     D (1)

Let it rock!

         Bb      G     D (1)

Let it rock!


I'm back like I forgot somethin’--I'm somethin’

Ruling Rock rubbin' rap running'

Miles like I'm trying to get a flat stomach

Like Wayne the personal trainer

My aim is perfect I'll train ya

Period, like the reminder


F        G              D (1)

      I wish I could be as

     F   G   D (1)

cruel as you

Bb           G               D (1)

      And I wish I could say the

Bb      G   D (1)

things you do

        F                G             D (1)

But I can't and I won't live a lie

       F    G   D (hold)

No, not this time


This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.