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Same Boy You've Always Known

The White Stripes


Chord Guide


A:    x02220


D:    xx0232

      3    4

G:    3x0003


A5:   577xxx


G#5:  466xxx


G5:   355xxx


E:    022100


Strum: D   D   D  UD D     Note:  When playing A, lift fingers on

       1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +            4 + of the measure


Intro (x2):


Verse 1:

             A                                             D                                          A        D

You fell down of course and then you got up of course and started over

                 A                  D                                  A         D   

Forgot my name of course then you started to remember


Chorus 1:

C                                         G                              A (2)

   Pretty tough to think about the beginning of December

C                                        G (strum 1st and 2nd beats, then hold)                    

   Pretty tough to think about    

                                         A         D                                      A    D

Pretty tough to think about  yeah yeah pretty tough to think about



Verse 2:

                          A              D                                    A       D

You're looking down again and then you look me over

                      A           D                           A     D   

We're laying down again on a blanket in the clover


Chorus 2:

C                                                    G                                         A (2)

  The same boy you've always known well I guess I haven't grown

C                                           G (strum 1st and 2nd beats, then hold)                    

The same boy you've always known

                                         / A - - - / - - - [A5 G#5] /

The same boy you've always known



G5 (2, strum and then mute every beat)                                                   A (2)

    Think of what the past did it could've lasted, so put it in your basket

G5 (2, strum and then mute every beat)

I hope you know a strong man who can lend you a hand

                     E (2, hold second measure and play fill)

lowering my casket


Verse 3:

A                                    D                                         A     D

I thought this is just today and soon you'll be returning

                     A                             D                                              A         D

The coldest blue ocean water cannot stop my heart and mind from burning

    C (hold 2)                           G (strum 1st and 2nd beats, then hold)      A (2)

Everyone who's in the know says    that's exactly how it goes

    C (hold 2)                                        G (strum 1st and 2nd beats, then hold)      A (hold)

And if there's anything good about me       I'm the only one who knows

This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.