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    Sarah McLachlan

    Capo 3


    Am      F       C       Em7     E       
    x02210  133211  x32010  022030  022100
    D7sus2  Bb      A7      Em      Fmaj7sus4
    x00210  x13331  x02020  022000  X03310


    Am     F                C             (riff A)

    Adia I do believe I failed you

    Am     F                      Em7
    Adia I know I let you down

    C                       F
    Don't you know I tried so hard

    C               C/B     Am   (riff B)
    To love you in my way

          D7sus2    C   (riff C)  G
    It's easy let it go

    Am           F                    C          (riff A)
    Adia I'm empty since you left me

    Am                   F                  Em7
    Trying to find a way to carry on

       C                         F
    I search myself and everyone

          C                          G
    To see where we went wrong
                D7sus2         G        
    There’s no one left to finger

                C                    F
    There's no one here to blame

                D7sus2         G
    There's no one left to talk to honey

                    C                   Bb (or Fmaj7sus4)     F
    And there ain't no one to buy our                     innocence, ‘cause









     G         C             A7
    We are born innocent

                     F            D7sus2    G       Em
    Believe me Adia, we are still    innocent

          A7              D7sus2
    It's easy, we all falter

    Does it matter?


    Am        F                       C          (riff A)
    Adia I thought we could make it

    Am                       F                            Em7
    But I know I can't change the way you feel

       C                            F
    I leave you with your misery

        C                         G
    A friend who won't betray

        D7sus2               G        
    I pull you from your tower

        C                    F
    I take away your pain

                D7sus2         G                C
    And show you all the beauty you possess

                         Bb (or Fmaj7sus4)     F
    If you'd only let yourself                   believe that





    Chorus #2:

    G                 C           A7
    Believe me Adia, we are still

            F      D7sus2


                G         C             A7
    'cause we are born innocent

                     F            D7sus2    G       Em
    Believe me Adia, we are still innocent

          A7              D7sus2
    It's easy, we all falter

    Does it matter?

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