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Building a Mystery

Sarah McLachlan

Capo 7



Riff I 

Em   Cmaj7   G   Riff II


       Em                     Cmaj7

You come out at night

G                     Dsus4
that's when the energy comes

            Em                 Cmaj7
and the dark side's light

             G                  Riff II
and the vampires roam


Em                    Cmaj7
you strut your Rasta wear

              G                Dsus4
and your suicide poem

           Em                  Cmaj7
and a cross from a faith

            G           Dsus4
that died before Jesus came

Asus2               Cmaj7                Dsus4  D Dsus2
           you’re building a mystery

Em   Cmaj7   G   Riff II


       Em                Cmaj7
You live in a church

G                               Dsus4
where you sleep with voodoo dolls

             Em                              Cmaj7
and you won’t give up the search

             G                 Riff II
for the ghosts in the halls

Em                      Cmaj7
you wear sandals in the snow

        G                                     Dsus4
and a smile that won’t wash away

Em                                     Cmaj7
can you look out the window

                  G                      Riff II
without your shadow getting in the way

you’re so beautiful

with an edge and a charm

but so careful

Cmaj7                       Dsus4  D Dsus2
when I’m in your arms


Em                 Cmaj7        
’Cause you’re working

G                  Dsus4  D Dsus2        
building a mystery

Em        Cmaj7        
holding on

G       Dsus4  D Dsus2        

and holding it in

Em                 Cmaj7        
yeah you’re working

G                  Dsus4  D Dsus2        
building a mystery

Em     Cmaj7        
and choosing

G    Asus2 (x4)

so carefully

                        Em              Cmaj7
You woke up screaming aloud

    G                       Dsus4
a prayer from your secret god

       Em                 Cmaj7
you feed off our fears

       G                       Dsus4
and hold back your tears oh

Em                     Cmaj7
Give us a tantrum

            G              Riff II
and a know it all grin

Em                       Cmaj7
just when we need one

G                          Dsus4
when the evening's thin

Oh you're a beautiful

a beautiful fucked up man

you're setting up your

Cmaj7            Dsus4  D Dsus2        
razor wire shrine

Chorus x2

This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.