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Say It Ain't So


Original Recording tuned down ½ step.  All chords get ½ measure unless noted.  Chords in parentheses are anticipated.


Chord Guide


C#m:  x46654


G#:   466544


A:    577655


E:    022100


C#5:  x466xx


G#5:  466xxx


A5:   577xxx


E5:   022xxx


B5:   x244xx



Main Riff:


w/Main Riff:

C#m    (G#)    A    (E)     x2


w/Main and Reggae Riffs:

C#m    (G#)    A    (E)  

C#m    (G#)    A    (E) (hold)


w/Reggae Riff:

C#m          (G#)         A               (E)

Somebody's Heine' is crowdin' my icebox

C#m         (G#)             A            (E)

Somebody's cold one is givin' me chills

C#m           (G#)          A         (E) (hold)

Guess I'll just close my eyes


w/Main and Reggae Riffs:

      C#m   (G#)         A         (E)

Oh yeah              Oh right

         C#m   (G#)    A         (E) (hold)

Feels good            inside


w/Reggae Riff:

C#m        (G#)     A            (E)

Flip on the tele,  wrestle with Jimmy

C#m          (G#)               A          (E)

Something is bubbling  Behind my back

C#m         (G#)           A         (E)

The bottle is ready to blow



C#5  G#5  A5            (E5)

                 Say it ain't so

C#5             G#5       A5      (E5)

       Your drug   is a heartbreaker

C#5  G#5  A5         (E5)

                 Say it ain't so

C#5        G#5     A5    (E5) (hold)

    My love      is a lifetaker


w/Main and Reggae Riffs:

C#m  G#  A  E   x2


w/Reggae Riff:

C#m         (G#)     A           (E)

I can't confront you, I never could do

C#m                   (G#)           A               (E)

That which might hurt you, so try and be cool, when I say

C#m   (G#)    A                               (E)                                  

This way is a waterslide away from me that takes you further every

C#m   (G#)           A    (E)

day,     hey, so be cool





B5 (1)

    Dear Daddy, I write you

E5                 G5

     in spite of years of silence.

B5 (1)  

     You've cleaned up, found Jesus,

E5                       G5

     things are good or so I hear.

B5 (1)  

     This bottle of Steven's

E5               G5

     awakens ancient feelings.

B5 (1)                               

     Like father, stepfather,

E5                 G5

     the son is drowning in the flood.


Instrumental Chorus




Intro Riff x2


Hold E

This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.