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    Chicken Lips and Lizard Hips

    Nancy and John Cassidy, as performed by Bruce Springsteen

    This is a simplified version of the song that I created for a 5-year-old student. It's played on just the 6th string. Instead of chord names, only the 6th string fret number is provided.

    Playing a bass line on the 6th string is the easiest way to play a song on guitar--perfect for total beginners or kids who want to sing and play at the same time.


    Intro: / 3 3 3 3 / 3 3 3 3 / 3 3 3 3 / 3 3 3 3 /


       3                3

    When I was a little kid

        8                 3
    I never liked to eat

      3                              3
    Mom would put things on my plate

                 10                        10
    And I'd dump 'em on her feet

           3                          3
    But then one day she made this soup

       8                3
    I ate it all in bed

        3                          3
    I asked her what she put in it

             10                     3
    And this is what she said:


       3                     3
    “Chicken lips and lizard hips

           8           3
    And alligator eyes

      3                       3
    Monkey legs and buzzard eggs

             10                10
    And salamander thighs

      3                      3
    Rabbit ears and camel rears

             8                 3
    And tasty toenail pies

      3                  3
    Stir 'em all together

                   10                      3 
    And it's mama's soup surprise"


    3                      3
    I went into the bathroom

                 8                    3
    And I stood beside the sink

                3               3
    I said, "I'm feeling slightly ill

              10                     10
    And I think I'd like a drink"
       3                      3
    Mama said, "I've just the thing

           8             3
    I'll get it in a wink

            3                  3
    It's full of lots of protein

           10                 3
    And vitamins, I think"


    This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.