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This chart will look wacky unless you
rotate your phone



Guitar tuned ½ step lower.


Play power chords throughout,

letting 1st and 2nd open strings ring.


Intro:   Em  D  G  Asus2  (x2)


        Em    D                     G          Asus2

And you bring me to my knees again

           Em              D                      G           Asus2
All the times that I could beg you please in vain
          Em              D             G          Asus2

All the times that I felt insecure for you

           Em           D                     G      Asus2
And I leave my burdens at the door



But I'm on the outside

I'm looking in

I can see through you

See your true colors

'Cause inside your ugly

You're ugly like me

I can see through you

See to the real you


Em  D  G  Asus2  (x2)  
          Em                 D                        G               Asus2

All the times that I felt like this won't end, it's for you

         Em              D                  G                           Asus2
And I taste what I could never have, it was from you

          Em                     D              G                    Asus2
All the times that I've cried, my intentions full of pride

          Em               D                G      Asus2
But I waste more time than anyone  





           Em                    D                  G                     Asus2
All the times that I've cried, all this wasted, it's all inside

         Em               D                    G                    Asus2
And I feel all this pain, stuffed it down, it's back again

         Em             D          G                   Asus2
And I lie here in bed, all alone I can't mend

         Em         D                 G      Asus2
But I feel tomorrow will be OK  


This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.