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Ft. Worth Blues

Steve Earle


Chord Guide

      3    4

G:    3x0003

       32 1

C/G:  3x2013

       T  213

D7/F#: 2x0212

            3  214

Gsus2sus4:  3x0213



2  -----------X------

1  -------X-------X--

T  -----X-------X----


T  -X-------X--------

    1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +



Capo 5


Intro:  / G - - - / x4


     G                        C/G                     G (2)

In Fort Worth all the neon's burnin' bright

               D7/F# (2)            G (2)

Pretty lights are red and blue

                G                      C/G                     G (2)

But they shut down all the honkytonks tonight

                           D7/F# (2)        G (2)

Say a prayer or two if they only knew


       G                      C/G                     G (2)

You used to say the highway was your home

                     D7/F# (2)        G (2)

But we both know that ain't true

      G                   C/G                 G (2)

It's just the only place a man can go

                          D7/F# (2)                    G (2)

When he don't know where he's travelin to


Chorus 1:

       C/G         D7/F#                Gsus2sus4   G

But Colorado's always clean and healing

  C/G                D7/F#                Gsus2sus4   G

Tennessee in Spring is green and cool

     G                C/G                  G (2)

It never really was your kind of town

                         D7/F# (2)                       G (2)

But you went around with the Forth Worth Blues


  G                        C/G                       G (2)

Somewhere up beyond the great divide

                             D7/F# (2)                    G (2)

Where the sky is wide and the clouds are few

     G                      C/G                 G (2)

A man can see his way clear to the light

                    D7/F# (2)                       G (2)

Just hold on tight that's all you gotta do


Chorus 2:

       C/G                    D7/F#               Gsus2sus4   G

And they say Texas weather's always changin'

       C/G                         D7/F#                   Gsus2sus4   G

And one thing change'll bring is somethin' new

        G                   C/G                  G (2)

And Houston really ain't too bad a town

                             D7/F# (2)                  G (2)

So you hang around with the Ft. Worth Blues


Instrumental Verse and 1st line of Chorus


                G                    C/G                   G (2)

There's a full moon over Galway Bay tonight

               D7/F# (2)                G (2)

Silver light over green and blue

      G                     C/G                    G (2)       

And every place I travel through I find

                             D7/F# (2)                     G (2)

Some kind of a sign that you've been through


Chorus 3:

      C/G                  D7/F#                 Gsus2sus4   G

But Amsterdam was always good for grieving

       C/G               D7/F#                  Gsus2sus4   G

And London never fails to leave me blue

  G              C/G                       G (2)

Paris never was my kind of town

                       D7/F# (2)                    G (hold)

So I walked around with the Ft. Worth Blues




Dedicated to the singer/songwriter Townes Van Zandt, who died on January 1, 1997.  Earle wrote "Fort Worth Blues" a few months later in Galway, during a tour of Europe.

This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.