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Streets Of Laredo

Traditional, as performed by Arlo Guthrie

Capo 4


Intro:  / C - - / G - - / Am - - / G - - /

            / C - - / F - - / C - - / G - - /

            / C - - / G - - / Am - - / G - - /

            / C - - / F - - / G - - / C - - / - - - /


     C             F               C              G

As I walked out in the streets of Laredo,

     C            F           C           G

As I walked out in Laredo one day,

    C                    F                C                    G

I spied a poor cowboy all wrapped in white linen,

        Am                  Dm       G               C (x2)

All wrapped in white linen as cold as the clay.


     C                F              C             G

"I see by your outfit that you are a cowboy,"

             C                 F          C                    G

These words he did say as I proudly stepped by.

            C                F                C                 G

"Come sit down beside me and hear my sad story,

       Am           Dm              G                 C (x2)

I'm shot in the breast and I know I must die."


            C                F         C               G

"'Twas once in the saddle I used to go dashing,

         C                F        C               G

Was once in the saddle I used to go gay,

C                  F              C                  G

First led to drinkin', and then to card playin',

       Am            Dm                  G        C (x2)

Got shot in the breast and I'm dying today."


        C            F                C           G

"Get six jolly cowboys to carry my coffin,

       C               F                 C           G

Get six pretty gals come to carry my pall.

             C               F        C             G

Throw bunches of roses all over my coffin,

Am          Dm            G                 C (x2)

Roses to deaden the clods as they fall."



           C                    F              C             G

"Oh, beat the drum slowly and play the fife lowly,

  C                    F                   C           G

Play the dead march as you carry me along.

              C                      F          C                 G

Take me to the green valley and lay the earth o'er me,

    Am              Dm                G                       C (x2)

For I'm a poor cowboy and I know I've done wrong."


        C                     F              C                  G

We beat the drum slowly and played the fife lowly,

       C           F               C                   G

And bitterly wept as we carried him along.

              C                 F                C                       G

For we all loved our comrade, so brave young and handsome,

     Am                Dm             G                       C (x2)

We all loved our comrade although he'd done wrong.


Repeat Intro, end on first beat of final C chord










This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.