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Up on Cripple Creek

The Band / Robbie Robertson


Intro:  / A - - - / (x4)


        A                                             D   

When I get off of this mountain, you know where I want to go?

A                           D                               E

Straight down the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico.

A                                                   D

To Lake Charles, Louisianna, little Bessie, a girl who I once knew.

A                                D                         E                        

She told me just to come on by if there's anything that she could do.




Up on Cripple Creek, she sends me.


If I spring a leak, she mends me.


I don't have to speak, she defends me.

F#m                      G

A drunkard's dream if I ever did see one.


A                                                    D

Good luck had just stung me, to the race track I did go.

A               D                                E

She bet on one horse to win and I bet on another to show.

A                                          D

The odds were in my favor, I had them five to one.

A                 D                                     E

That nag to win came around the track, sure enough she had won.




A                                                 D

I took up all of my winnings and I gave my little Bessie half.

A                             D                       E

She tore it up and threw it in my face just for a laugh.

A                                                           D

There's one thing in the whole wide world I sure would like to see.

A                                D                               E

That's when that little love of mine dips her doughnut in my tea.




A                                                                             D

Me and my mate we were back at the shack, we had Spike Jones on the box.

A                                       D                         E

She says, "I can't take the way he sings, but I love to hear him talk."

A                                                               D

Now that just gave my heart a throb to the bottom of my feet.

A                         D                              E

And I swore as I took another pull, my Bessie can't be beat.




Yodel over:

/ A - - - / D - - - / (x2)


                A                                         D

There's a flood out in California and up north it's freezing cold.

A                     D                  E

And this living on the road is getting pretty old.

        A                                                      D

So I guess I'll call up my big mama, tell her I'll be rolling in.

               A                             D                           E

But you know, deep down, I'm kind of tempted  to go and see my Bessie again.




Yodel over:

/ A - - - / D - - - / (x4)


End on A

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