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How High



Chord Guide


D:    xx0232

      21  34

G:    320033

         21 34

Cadd9:  x32033


F6add9:  xx3233


F:    133211

       32 1

C:    x32010


Am:   x02210


Em:   022000

        T 321

Fmaj7:  1x3210






Intro:   / D - - - / G - - - / Cadd9 - - - / F6add9 - Cadd9 - / x2


Verse 1:

        D                  G                           Cadd9                     F6add9 (½)    Cadd9 (½)

How high can you kiss the sun, run a minute mile while you hitch hike,

         D                                   G                                  Cadd9                F6add9 (½)    Cadd9 (½)

love shines a light, I'll be your winners cup and I'll be looking for the one who cut you up,

                  D                               G                                  Cadd9           F6add9 (½)    Cadd9 (½)

you're not having me I know the skies are mean and I'll be looking for the way to free you.


Chorus 1:

                 F (6)                                                                           C (2)

'Cause I'm fixing holes, the ones you brake up coming from your drive,

               F (6)                                                                 C (2)

and the hands that rocks you cuts you up like lyrics of your life


Repeat Intro


Verse 2:

          D                  G                             Cadd9      F6add9 (½)    Cadd9 (½)

Can't buy what I've done before I wanna open up another door,

                 D                       G                            Cadd9                        F6add9 (½)    Cadd9 (½)

I'm gonna let you pass on another pass, I wanna be the king while you zig zag,

          D                  G                                 Cadd9           F6add9 (½)    Cadd9 (½)

on a holy road like Kain from Kung Foo, how high can you kiss the sun?


Chorus 2:

   F (6)                                                                 C (2)

Hang on to your hopes my darlin' don't let it slip away

              F (6)                                                                             C (2)
And the hand that holds you keeps you warm and helps you live today



                     Am   Em          Fmaj7        (C)

Love shines a light,     and it takes and it hurts, I know

     Am   Em       Fmaj7     (C)

I'm right,   I can bend till I burst,

       Am              Em             Fmaj7          (C)

And love shines a light and repays you with us

        G (4)
Yeah too right I'm gonna pledge my time 'til the day I die


Repeat Verse 1, Chorus 1, and Bridge


End on D

This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.