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Neighbor of the Beast

The Kings of Mongrel Folk


           <       <

Strum: B U D U B U D U   w/alternating bass and swing feel

       1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +


Chord Guide


E:    022100

       213 4

B7:   x21202


A:    x02220




Intro:  / E - - - / B7 - - - / A - - - / E - - - / - - - - /


                E                         B7            A                     E

There’s a shinin’ four-square city out beyond the sunlit sea

         E (2)                                                          B7 (2)

With gemstone walls and streets all paved with gold

                   E                      B7              A                 E

And you’ve heard about the savior, you know the trinity

                      E                 B7             E (2)

Well here’s a story that the bible never told


                B7 (2)                                   A                               E

There’re twelve gates to the city in the north, south east, and west

            E (2)                                          B7 (2)

And a windin’ road that heads out to the east

              E              B7                   A                 E

And on a little rusty mailbox about fifteen miles down

                     E           B7        A                     E

You see the number 667, the neighbor of the beast


                E                           B7                       A                          E

Well, the beast has been my neighbor since his folks moved out of town

              E (2)                                      B7 (2)

And I recall that he’d be cryin’ after school

               E                        B7                            A                    E           

He’s got seven heads, he’s got ten horns, and on every horn a crown

           E                       B7                     E (2)

And I guess the other kids were kinda cruel


              B7 (2)                              A                   E

Well he started cuttin’ classes and runnin’ with a gang

                E (2)                                              B7 (2)

And they never missed a chance to break the law

              E                     B7                          A                               E

Oh, the four of them on horseback, and the pale horse was called Death

                  E                        B7             E (2)

That’s the meanest bunch of kids I ever saw


       E                  B7                    A                     E

The summer after high school, he took himself a wife

                            E (2)                                B7 (2)

We hoped they’d settle down and raise a family

                       E                      B7                    A                          E           

But they were poor and always fightin’ and she couldn’t stand the life

             E                    B7            E (2)

I often wonder what became of 333


                     B7 (2)                                      A                       E

Now he just raises hell and parties from the midnight to the dawn

                  E (3)                                                             B7

I know he’s in there makin’ whoopie to the whore of Babylon

             E                       B7                A                     E

And I’m sick to death of Motorhead, or is that Judas Priest?

                            E                     B7                 A                       E

Hey!  Could you play some Willie Nelson for the neighbor of the beast?

                 E                                 B7                   A                    E

Could you play some George and Tammy for the neighbor of the beast?

                 E                            B7               A                     E (hold)

Could you play some Tim and Molly for the neighbor of the beast?

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