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Rolling Stones/ Robert Johnson

Capo 3
Count in 6/4
D(x2)  Em   C(x1 of 8/4)  G  G7   D(x2)
        G(x4)                      G7 (x4)
Well I followed her to the station with a suitcase in my hand
        C(x2)                      D/F#(x2)               
Yea, I followed her to the station with a suitcase in my 
 G   D7  G(x2)
            D                       D/F#
Whoa, it's hard to tell it's hard to tell
Em            C        G    G7 D(x2)
But all your love's in vain
        G(x4)                     G7 (x4)
When the train come in the station I looked her in the eye
        C(x2)                               D/F#(x2)                
Well the train come into the station and I looked her in the 
G   D7  G(x2)
         D (x2)                   
Whoa, I felt so sad, so lonesome 
Em                    C       G    G7 D(x2)
   that I could not help but cry
Solo (instrumental verse)
          G(x4)                         G7 (x4)
When the train left the station, it had two lights on behind
        C(x2)                               D/F#(x2)  
Yea, when the train had left the station, it had two lights on 
 G   D7  G(x2)
           D (x2)                   
Whoa, the blue light was my baby, and the 
Em        C       G    G7 D(x2)
red light was my mind
Instrumental Verse, end on G7
Intro Riff:
   D                       Em             C                         G
E -------2-----------2-----------3----------------------------------3--
B -----3---3-------3---3-----------0--------------------------------0--
G ---2-------2---2-------2---2s4-----2-0---------0h2-0-----0-----0--0--
D -0-----------0-----------2-------------2---0h2-------0h2---0h2----0--
A -------------------------2---------------3------------------------2--

E -------------------------0----------------------------------------3--

This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.