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Wayside / Back In Time

Gillian Welch


Strum: B B D DUB B D DU

       1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +


Capo 2


Each written chord gets 2 beats


Intro: / C - G - / G - Em - /


   G                       G                  G              C

Standing on the corner with a nickel or a dime

          C                      G             G                            Em

There used to be a rail car to take you down the line

  G                              G           G                 C

Too much beer and whiskey to ever be employed

          C                      G                        G                          Em

And when I got to Nashville, it was too much soldiers joy

   G                    G             G                    C

Wasted on the wayside, wasted on the way

   C                      G                    G                        Em

If I don’t go tomorrow, you know I’m gone today


G            G           C     C

Back baby, back in time

                  G   G                        Em     Em

I wanna go back when you were mine

G            G           C     C

Back baby, back in time

                  Em  D                          G   G

I wanna go back    when you were mine


Bm               Bm           C          C

Black highway all night ride

                     Em   D                          C    C

Watching the times     fall away to the side

Bm             Bm              C         C

Clear channel way down low

                   Em   D                          C    C

Is comin’ in loud     and my mind let go


   G                    G                  G                  C

Peaches in the summertime, apples in the fall

   C                           G                              G                    Em

If I can’t have you all the time, I won’t have none at all

         G                      G              G                         C

Oh, I wish I was in Frisco in a brand new pair of shoes

       C                      G                     G                              Em

I’m sittin’ here in Nashville with Norman’s Nashville blues

     G                                     G          G                     C

So come all you good time rounders listenin’ to my sound

                  C                         G              G                        Em

And then drink a round to Nashville before they tear it down




Bm              Bm            C          C

Hard weather,    drivin’ slow

                         Em   D                                C    C

Buggies and the hats     are in town for the show

Bm        Bm                      C      C

Oh darlin, the songs they played

              Em   D               C    C

All I got left       of lovin’ me



This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.