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    Beverly Hills



    All chords get 2 beats unless otherwise noted.


    Strum: D D M   D D M

           1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +


    Chord Guide


    F5:   133xxx


    Bb5:  x133xx


    C5:   x355xx


    E5:   022xxx


    Bdim:  x23xxx





    Intro:  / F5 - Bb5 - / F5 - Bb5 - /

                / F5 - Bb5 - / C5 - - E5 /


    F5                  Bb5       

     Where I come from isn't all that great

    F5                 Bb5

         My automobile is a piece of crap

    F5               Bb5                      C5 (3 beats)

         My fashion sense is a little whack

                                                 E5 (1 beat)

     And my friends are just as screwy as me


    F5             Bb5

        I didn't go to boarding schools

    F5            Bb5

        Preppy girls never looked at me

    F5                 Bb5                C5 (3 beats)

        Why should they I ain't nobody

                                          E5 (1 beat)

     Got nothing in my pocket



    F5         Bb5      C5                Bb5    F5    Bb5

     Beverly Hills - That's where I wanna be

    C5 (3 beats)             E5 (1 beat)

    Living in Beverly Hills

    F5        Bb5      C5              Bb5    F5   Bb5

     Beverly Hills - Rolling like a celebrity

    C5 (3 beats)               E5 (1 beat)

    Living in Beverly Hills


    F5         Bb5

     Look at all those movie stars

    F5                 Bb5

     They're all so beautiful and clean

    F5            Bb5                           C5 (3 beats)

     When the housemaids scrub the floors

                                     E5 (1 beat)

    They get the spaces in between


    F5         Bb5

     I wanna live a life like that

    F5         Bb5

     I wanna be just like a king

    F5          Bb5               C5 (3 beats)

     Take my picture by the pool

                                       E5 (1 beat)

    Cause I'm the next big thing




    Instrumental Verse x2


    F5           Bb5  F5               Bb5

     The truth is...I don't stand a chance

    F5                               Bb5

     Its something that you're born into

    Bdim                         Bb5

    And I just don't belong


           F5                Bb5                  F5

    No I don't - I'm just a no-class, beat-down fool

               F5              Bb5

    And I will always be that way

               F5             C5 (3 beats)

    I might as well enjoy my life

                        E5 (1 beat)

    And watch the stars play




    F5              Bb5      C5     Bb5  

    Beverly Hills

    F5             Bb5      C5 (3 beats)    E5 (1 beat)

    Beverly Hills

    F5             Bb5      C5     Bb5  

    Beverly Hills

    F5             Bb5   C5        Bb5             F5 (hold)

    Beverly Hills        Livin' in Beverly Hills

    This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.