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Going Home

William Arms Fisher

Music by Antonin Dvorak

arr. by Ken Bible


in 6/8


 G (2½)              D7sus4/G (½)  G

Going home, going                 home,

Descending Figure 1 (2)    Am7   D7/F#
I'm just going                     home.

  G (2)         B7    C
Quiet-like, slip away

Am7   D7/F#   C/G   G
I'll be going      home.


C (2)            D7/F#     C
It's not far, just close by;

 Am7  Bm7    Cma7 (2)
Jesus   is the Door;

Am7 (2)           Bm7   Em
Work all done, laid   aside,

 C            Bm7       Cadd9  D/F#
Fear and grief no more.


  G              Bm/F#   G/F     C/E
Friends are there,    waiting now.

Descending Figure 1 (2)    Am7   D7/F#
He is waiting,                     too.

 G            G/F#  Em      B7
See His smile!    See His hand!

Am      D7/F#      G (2)
He will lead me through.


G (2½)            D7sus4/G (½)  G

Morning Star lights the        way;

Descending Figure 1 (2)    Am7   D7/F#
Restless dream all              done;

  G (2)                  B7       C
Shadows gone, break of day,

Am7      D7/F#   C/G   G
Life has just     begun.


C (2)           D7/F#    C

Every tear wiped    away,

Am7      Bm7       Cma7 (2)
Pain and sickness gone;

Am7 (2)         Bm7       Em
Wide awake there with Him!

C               Bm7    Cadd9  D/F#
Peace goes on and on!


  G       Bm/F#   G/F   C/E
Going home,      going home,

Descending Figure 1 (2)    Am7   D7/F#
I'll be going                        home.

G            G/F#  Em        B7
See the Light!    See the Sun!

Am        D7/F#      G (2)
I'm just going         home.

This file is the author's own work and represents his interpretation of this song. It's intended solely for private study, scholarship or research.