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The comment function on my blog was busted this past week. It’s up and running now, but if you tried to comment recently, it may not have worked. Sorry!

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  1. Hi Rob

    I stumbled across this site by accident and boy am I grateful. The site has helped this 12 weeks into learning novice massively.

    Is there any chance of you posting a few more lessons online? And perhaps adding the strumming patterns to a few more of the songs. I know this might be asking too much as you are obviously very busy, but I figured I might as well just ask.

    Keep up the excellent work and thanks for putting your time into this.

  2. Hello,
    I just have to say thanks for your awesome site here. Not only is it a veritable universe of musical resources, it is extremely funny and well-crafted. I came across it preparing a guitar lesson for a new beginning quitar student and thank God for discovering such a diamond mine.

    Keep up the excellent work!! You have been given a very special gift, and bless you for using it.

  3. Hi

    I really appreciate the hard work you do on your site. Thanks, it really helps. I’ve been playing acoustic for about two months now and I’ve learnt a lot from your site. I have a few question and I realise that this isn’t the most relevant place but I just wanted to ask you:

    1. Should I try fingerpicking at this stage or should I just stick to strumming? What do you think?

    2. Can any song that is finger-picked be played with a plectrum too? Even something like Good Riddance by Green Day (not the strummed version but the one Bille Joe Armstrong actually played on the album)

    3. Are you planning to post any more blog posts? I really like your blog. Please post a few more lessons. Thanks.

  4. Love the site. I’ve been away from teaching for nearly a year and this site is giving the me the confidence to get back into it!


    New Zealand

  5. Come back Rob, all is forgiven. 😉

    SERIOUSLY though, i hope you are alright and nothing serious is keeping you away from your blog. Really miss the lessons.

  6. Just found this site today. It’s really encouraging to find something like this. I’ve been playing for about 9 years, and want to strip back my playing and work on the fundamentals – jamming, ear training, song knowledge. I think your site will be really helpful. Thanks!

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