Customer Service Bluuuues

From the Feb. 6, 2006 New Yorker:
Customer Service Blues
I asked people to post caption ideas—here’s my favorite, from Al Scott:

“The rest of my band has complaints, too, but their car wouldn’t start.”

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  1. My refrigerator’s busted,
    My TV went up in smoke,
    The name of this store was trusted,
    Now it’s just a joke.

    I think I’ll sit here all day,
    Until you think of something to do,
    I’ll bet there’s nothing you can say,
    That’ll make me stop singing my blues to you.

    I got them Wall Mart blues,
    Just another case of them Wall Mart blues.

  2. I loooove blues, but im jus a beginner. Any tips on learning blues will be eternally appreciated.
    – Hear are my lyrics for the cartoon –

    I came here today
    To say
    You devils play
    With all of us
    almost everyday
    And still
    We believe
    That is useful to complain.

    corus – I need a job, I need some love, I need friends, I need to express myself and I, yes I need god. So I wont complain, anymo jus gonna keep on playin da blues.

    Is actually a song, i jus sung it but no chords yet. Like the web site and your fotos, I take pics too. See ya.

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