Daily Guided Practice Videos

I’ve come up with a new way of practicing that I’ll think you’ll love.

They’re 15-minute videos that start with me briefly teaching a principle of effective practice, like slowing down to avoid mistakes or relaxing your body.  Then I start a 10-minute countdown timer, and while you practice a piece of music of your choosing–it can really be anything as long as it’s challenging–I occasionally give you gentle reminders to apply the principle we’re working on.

I got this idea doing daily meditations using the headspace app.  Even though I usually struggle to create new habits (well, good ones anyway), I found it super easy to do these daily 10-minute meditations.  I loved how they taught just a simple principle, and then reinforced it over several days or more until I really internalized it.  And I really got the sense that the teacher was there with me, coaching me, encouraging me, even though it was just a recording.

Of course, as a teacher who’s constantly looking for new ways to help my Heartwood Guitar members, I thought, “I wonder if I could take the things I love about these meditations and apply them to guitar practice videos?

Here’s my first video.  The rest are available to members of Heartwood Guitar.  Come join us!

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