Electric Kool-Aid Amp Test: Day 161

Look what arrived in the mail today. Ain’t she a looker?

18-watt amp 1 18-watt amp 2

That’s a 1×12 Marshall 18-watt cabinet made by Weber Speakers. The wood is cherry (the original cabinets were plywood covered with tolex) and the grillcloth is pinstripe (like the original 18-watts). I paid $350 for it—more than it would have cost to buy the materials certainly, but I never could have made it look this nice.

I’m hoping I’ll have some time after work tonight to put in the guts. Finally, I can finish my amp!

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  1. So….. how does it sound all mounted in a cabinet?? More low-end? Tighter bass? something else? Some of us lurkers (well, me anyway) wants to know so I can build one too.

    And yeah, that’s one bitchin’ cabinet. Way too nice for tolex.

  2. Hey Jack,

    It sounds great! It’s quite a bit warmer in the cabinet. It definitely sounds best cranked up with a Les Paul. For clean tones, I still prefer a Fender amp–it doesn’t have quite the high-end definition I want when playing my Telecaster.


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