Free Christmas Carol Songbook

Merry Christmas, guitarists! The mission of Heartwood Guitar is to spread joy through teaching music, and so in this season of joy, I thought I'd do some extra spreading.

Rob's Totally Awesome Christmas Carol Songbook has everything you need to get caroling quickly. No more spending precious Yuletime combing through the internet for charts that look like they were typed by reindeer.

Rob's Totally Awesome Christmas Carol Songbook

The free* songbook features 10 carols, and includes:

  • Chord charts for you
  • Lyric sheets for singers
  • Instructions for reading charts
  • Tips for leading sing-alongs
  • Hints for playing each song

* Shameless fundraising guilt trip may apply.

26 Pages

Giving Back

I hope this songbook helps you kindle some Christmas magic with your friends and family. If it does, and you have the means, please consider donating to my yearly fundraiser. 50% of the proceeds will go to Seattle Children's Hospital's "Uncompensated Care Fund," which provides an astounding service: It enables any child to get top-notch care, regardless of their ability to pay. My family got help from this fund several years ago, and it feels great to be able to give back. You can learn more about the fund in the video below.

I'd like to give the other 50% to a charity that has a global reach, but I'm frankly new to this. Do you have a favorite charity? Please leave a comment below with your recommendation, and I'll choose my favorite.

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