Free Christmas Caroling Songbook

Rob's Totally Awesome Christmas Carol SongbookThis past Saturday I attended SMooCH, a fantastic fundraiser concert for Seattle Children's Hospital. Macklemore headlined. Free drinks and food. It was a religious experience.

Well, religious except that I was freeloading. The ticket was a gift from a student, I took advantage of the open bar, and I didn't give a dime.

We're on a tight budget this year, so I'm not kicking myself. All the same, the generosity I saw at the concert made me want to do something to give back this year.

Here's the result: Rob's Totally Awesome Christmas Caroling Songbook. It's free, it's professional-quality, and it'll get you singing with your family and friends quicker than you can say "Wenceslas".

And if you dig the book and can spare a few bucks, please consider donating to Seattle Children's Hospital. You can read more about their Uncompensated Care Fund on the download page.

Go to Songbook Download Page

Thanks, and have a magical Christmas.

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  1. Rob – Thanks for the Christmas Book. It’s great.  Have a question about your chord charts.  What does it mean when the Chord is in parentheses  (D) above the words?  I usually indicated just notes that way, but didn’t know what you intended and looked in your chord chart info and didn’t see it.  Thanks, Charlene

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      Hi Charlene,

      That’s a convention I made up to indicate that the chord is anticipated.  This usually means that it’s played an 8th note early, on the “and of 4” of the previous measure if you’re in 4/4.
      Good to hear from you.  Glad you like the songbook!
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  2. Man I wish I had seen this a couple months ago for when my students were interested in learning some Christmas stuff. I’ll have to check it out. I love having a stock pile of music books for my teachers and I to pull from in lessons. Keep up the good work Rob,.

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  4. I just ran off your book for use this year with carolling in the hospital in December – I’m a chaplain resident and I need lots of pratice time. So thank you. I made a small donation. Wish it could be more.

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