Search Engine Optimization Tips

Choose Keyphrases

This will be a simple step for most of you. The most popular way that people search for guitar lessons is to use this phrase:

  • [location] guitar lessons

The second-most popular phrase is:

  • [location] guitar teacher

I recommend targeting those two phrases. You can target more, but this dilutes your effectiveness by creating a title tag that’s too long.

If you live in a medium-sized city or smaller:

Use your town or city’s name as the [location].

If you live in a big city:

You may have an easier time ranking well if you use your neighborhood’s name, and a few surrounding neighborhoods. For example, if you live and teach in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago, you could target these phrases:

Primary targets:

  • Rogers Park guitar lessons
  • Edgewater guitar lessons
  • Evanston guitar lessons

And secondary targets:

  • Rogers Park guitar teacher
  • Edgewater guitar teacher
  • Evanston guitar teacher

It might look like I’m contradicting my earlier statement about “diluting” your effectiveness by targeting too many phrases, but as you’ll see in the Tweak Site section, you can proably compress your three location names into an acceptible title tag.

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