Frequently Asked Questions

Content Questions
Commercial Questions
Technical Questions


Content Questions

I teach bass/piano/triangle/didgeridoo. Anything here for me?

Yes. The business and teaching practices in this book apply to any music teacher. There are a couple sections–on the ergonomics of playing guitar, for example–that you may want to skip. But 80% of the book should be pertinent.

Commercial Questions

Do you have a guarantee?

Absolutely. If you don’t like the book, or it isn’t what you expected, just email me and I’ll refund your money. You’ll even still have access to the Bonus Section.

Do you sell a paper version?

Sorry, not yet. I’m waiting to see how much interest there is. Selling an eBook is 100x easier than selling a paper version, and it saves trees, too.

Of course, if you want to, you can print the eBook.

What’s PayPal? Is it a hassle?

PayPal is the service I use to process your purchase. I chose it because it’s pretty simple.

You don’t need a PayPal account to buy the book. After you click my “Buy Now” button, look for this message on the following page:

Don’t have a PayPal account?
Use your credit card or bank account (where available).

Once I pay, how do I get the eBook?

Once you pay, click the link to return to my site. You’ll see a link where you can download the eBook file. Download it to you computer, and read away!

Just in case aliens attack before you’re able to return to my website, you’ll also get an email with the download link. If aliens also steal your email, call your doctor.

Technical Questions

What’s a PDF?

The book is a PDF file, which stands for “Portable Document Format.” It’s a way of creating easy-to-read, easy-to-navigate eBooks. You just install Adobe Reader (if you don’t have it already), and then double-click the PDF file.

How do I access the Bonus Section?

You’ll get instructions when you buy the book.

Any tips on printing?

If you just hit “print” in Adobe Reader, it’ll print each page of the eBook on a separate piece of paper. Unless you have eyesight as bad as mine, that’s going to be a waste of paper–the size of the eBook pages are the equivalent of a paperback novel, not computer paper. So I recommend printing in a 2-per-page format.

Every printer uses its own software, so I can’t give you step-by-step instructions, but here are some things I learned using my inkjet printer (connected to my Mac) and laser printer (connected to my PC).

  • Use a Laser Printer if Possible: Injet ink is expensive.
  • Use Lanscape Layout: Go to File –> Page Setup or Print Setup. Click the icon for “Landscape,” which means everything you print will be rotated 90 degrees.
  • Select 2 Pages Per Sheet: On my PC, I found this option here: File –> Print –> Properties Button. On my Mac, I went here: File –> Print.
  • Tweak Margins: You also may need to narrow your margins. On one printer, I chose the “Fit to Printer Margins” function. On the other, I set Page Size to A5 and Output Size to Letter.
  • Test First: Print just the first two pages to confirm everything’s working.