Praise for the Handbook


I can without doubts or reservations deem this The Bible of beginner-intermediate guitar instruction.
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Rob’s teaching book is a must read for those just starting out in this business. I refer to this book time and time again for practical advice and suggestions—plus the bonus section is GREAT.Jared Priest, Kalamazoo Guitar Lessons, MI

I’ve only had your book for a few days but already it has had a major impact on the lessons I taught this week. Teaching has gone from a frustrating experience of trying to figure out how to get through to my students, to building a musical relationship based on the shared joy of playing guitar.

Good, solid business advice that does not only pertain to teaching guitar.
Rob, North Sterling CT

I really think you inspired my personal success – after only 6 weeks of working my first ever guitar teaching job I’ve already had 4 of my 10 students parents call my boss to comment on the great job I’m doing! So I owe you my thanks.
Olly, Auckland, New Zealand

The book is fantastic! Your advice is practical, easy to follow, and I’ve learned great new teaching techniques and ways to improve my business. The title of the book is no exaggeration.
Blue, Vancouver BC

If I just book ONE lesson, I still would have made a profit over the cost of this book…and with all of this info, I have the ability to build a successful business–with rewards beyond money. When I got done reading this book, I was left feeling excited about the possibilities of developing my skills and business very methodically. I definitely felt more confident in reaching out to potential students.
Brandon, Albuquerque NM

I’ve taught off and on since 1969 and would love to have had this book in my library.
Dave, Marlin TX

Your book has been a real blessing.
Perrin, New Zealand

Well done! As a new teacher I will be able to use the information to give my students a better value. Thank you for working hard on something that will be a real benefit to many.
Philip, Palmyra PA

I just finished reading your book, andi it’s just sheer genius. Really readable, witty and whatnot, and really, really useful. It’s got me stoked about teaching.
Sri, India

I wish I would have had your book 30 years ago; it would have made things a little easier!
Terry, Naperville IL

Thanks for writing such a helpful book! I just started teaching guitar to young kids for the first time and your advice has been invaluable so far.

…with the help of your book, I’m going to get a little something going.

I’ve been teaching guitar for about a year and you have by far the best advice and resources of anyone out there.

Will, Douglas GA

I’m just getting serious about teaching again and your website has really inspired me. I read your book and loved it.
Perrin, New Zealand

Just wanted to thank you again for putting this resource together. It’s great! And I love how fluidly your writing flows.
Matt, Nashville TN

Thanks for writing such an excellent primer. You’ve been a great help!

You absolutely get it. Thanks for spreading the guitar gospel the way it ought to be spread – with passion, attention to detail and a sense of humor.
Matt, Bel Air MD