Gearing Up for the Coffee Shop Jam

It’s that time of the year again. Students suddenly realize that they need to replace their dull, stained, dead-sounding strings. Conversation during our lessons moves from music theory to how to execute a leap on stage while still hitting the song’s final power chord. And I’m once again making promises to myself that I won’t leave printing programs until 2am the morning of the show.

That’s right, after a yearlong hiatus because of my injured shoulders, the Coffee Shop Jam is back. On May 30, we’ll take over The Columbia City Theatre, a cool old vaudeville-style club in south-Seattle, and fill the place with my students’ eclectic mix of alt-country, folk, indie-rock, and AC/DC-inspired songs about guinea pigs (that would be Connor, in the photo executing a sweet pick slide).

As you can tell, I’m pretty pumped.

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