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Gothic GoogleI’ve followed every crisis in my life with a transformation. I was bullied in middle school until my parents finally transferred me to a different school, where I made friends and discovered my love for the theater. After a bad breakup with a girlfriend, I found a counselor who taught me how improve my relationships with everyone I loved. And after three brutal years of teaching high school English, I quit and, after two years groping in the dark, found my dream job teaching guitar.

My recent arm injury also has a happy outcome. While I was out of work, I started a side-business optimizing people’s websites for search engines. I got into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) when I was building my guitar teaching website, and after I saw what a huge benefit it is to a small business owner, I began helping friends. Now, I’m doing it for hire.

What started as a way of diversifying my income sources has become a really fun business. I’m currently working for one of PayPal’s competitors, a service-learning school, and several small businesses. I’m especially enjoying helping other small business owners whose websites have been living in obscurity. The work I do for them is going to transform their businesses. I can get pretty much any guitar teacher, yoga instructor, or acupuncturist to the #1 in Google, and this brings them a gravy train of clients.

Here’s my new website: Seattle’s SEO Guru

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