New Chart: “I Will” by The Beatles


Here's my chart of "I Will." Enjoy!

If you ever get frustrated with your progress on the guitar, you might be encouraged to hear that it took Paul McCartney 67 takes to record this lovely little song. Granted, the song's under two minutes long, but that's still two hours of singing and playing, not counting time spent retuning, drinking water, adjusting the mic, and saying, "Let's give that another go, George."

A tip for beginners: There are lots of opportunities to make chord changes easier in this song by using anchor fingers, where you leave a finger in place as you change chords. For example, with Em-->Am7 the second finger stays put, and with Am7-->D7 the first finger stays put. There are more anchor finger opportunities with C-->D7 and Em-->C. See if you can find 'em.

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