New Chart: “June Hymn” by The Decemberists


Here's a chart of "June Hymn" by The Decemberists.

What a gorgeous song. Lovely bass-strum technique on the guitar, the accordion and Wurlitzer interweave elegantly, and the lyrics are lush poetry. Plus, if you're a high school student with your eyes on a competitive college, this song, and really any Decemberists tune, makes for great SAT prep. English major rock stars represent!

Here's the song's vocabulary list. How would you score if you took the test today?

  • heralding
  • bleating
  • reverie
  • arbor
  • garland
  • panoply
  • barony
  • ambling

If you need a study break, check out this video of my student Rahul and his kids performing "June Hymn" with me at a recent Coffee Shop Jam. The beginning of the song's cut off, the footage is shaky, sound is bad--and it's still one of my favorite jam videos.

This is what the Jam is all about: Different generations getting together to share the joy of music.

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