New Chart: “Somebody That I Used To Know” by Gotye

208662-gotye-and-kimbraWhat a fantastic arrangement. The quiet fingerstyle acoustic guitar groove, the delicate xylophone/marimba part, the tremulous electric guitar melody, and Gotye’s whispered verses and sing-to-the-sky chorus. Great song to listen to with headphones and eyes closed.

Here’s the chart.

Note that this is an easier, strummed arrangement of the song. There’s tablature below the chord chart to show you how to play the xylophone and lead guitar parts, but they probably won’t sound good unless you’ve got a band or at least a friend to hold down the rhythm part.

But playing solo doesn’t mean you have to skip all the cool instrumental melodies this song features. Advanced guitarists can come up with chord/melody arrangements of these parts, where they play the chords (or at least the bass line) and the melody simultaneously. But if that’s beyond you, consider whistling the parts (if you can), or singing them using syllables like “ba-ba-ba” (my favorite) or “la-la-la” or “doo-doo-doo”.

Have fun!

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